inMotion Group Announces Content Matching Advertisement Delivery for Online Publishers

inClick Announces Contextual Ad Matching for Online Publishers

Troy, MI (PRWEB) November 13, 2007 -- inMotion Group today announced the release of inContext, the automated content sensing and ad-matching engine for its white-labeled advertising management platform, the inClick Ad Server.

As of the current release, the inContext engine is included as a standard feature of the inClick Ad Server product, a white-label advertising management platform that lets publishers sell inventory directly to the advertiser. With the inContext engine active, online publishers can deliver content-related advertising automatically with little to no intervention. Simply put, the proprietary technology analyzes the page content and delivers closely related advertising resulting in better overall advertiser performance and a higher yield for both the publisher and the advertiser.

"Matching ads to page content is a key feature our existing clients have been asking for," says Bing Pascual, VP of Product Strategy and Development. "By including this feature into the core product, we have armed our users with another tool to help direct-sell advertising on their online properties and further reduce their dependency on third-party ad providers."

While contextual based advertising plays an important role in today's online marketing efforts, the inClick Ad Server is the only white-label platform where publishers have direct interaction with their advertisers free of third-party efforts to cross-sell other services.

"We are excited to see the inClick3 platform satisfy the needs of smaller companies, such as budding startups, as well as meeting the requirements of large ad networks serving millions of ads a day," says Pascual, adding, "This is an exciting time for us as we include the inContext engine as a standard feature of the inClick Ad Server. We've listened to our clients and have further enhanced an already robust ad management platform."

inMotion Group continues to offer a free, 14-day trial without requiring a credit card to test-drive the product.

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inClick, a wholly owned subsidiary of inMotion Group, is the provider of the inClick Ad Server, the leading white-label contextual advertising platform. Since 2001, the inClick Ad Server platform has provided its enterprise ad management platform to publishers who wish to direct-sell advertising inventory within their online properties. For more information, visit