The inClick Ad Server

Highlights of the inClick Ad Server

  • Proudly built in the USA.
  • Designed to scale, the inClick Ad Server can handle the demands of your deployment, large or small. From a couple million ads a day on a single server deployment, to billions of ads per month in a server farm, the inClick Ad Server performs.
  • Advanced processes and algorithms, the inContext Engine, automatically match advertisements to page content.
  • Proactive invalid click prevention through our exclusive Click Definition Service
  • Available Application Programming Interface (API) for integration into existing applications.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes it simple for advertisers, publishers, and network operators.

The Ad System

Built for web site operators and advertising networks, the inClick Ad Server is designed to simplify the process of selling and managing advertising inventory through an easy-to-use self-service platform.

Providing the Foundation

We understand that every deployment can be unique in its own way. Because of this, the basic architecture of the inClick Ad Server is designed around an object model that can be extended and molded to specific requirements. This, along with the API, allows users to modify, customize, and manipulate the ad server to best fit their specific needs.

Proactive Click-Fraud Protection

Fraud has become the largest threat to any advertising network. This fraud presents as clicks that appear real but were not from an interested person, but from a range of fraudulent methods. To combat these invalid-clicks, we have developed and introduced an inClick Ad Server exclusive feature, the Click Definition Service.

Much like an anti-virus scanner, every click is analyzed against a set definitions. These definitions represent known and new threats to an advertising network. Using our proprietary algorithms and methods, new threats are quickly detected, definition created, and updates delivered to every inClick Ad Server hourly. Why provide such an aggressive service? To increase protection of your network's integrity and quality.

Innovative Financing: The Performance Lease

The simple fact is robust software packages are simply not cheap. Because the inClick Ad Server is designed for the enterprise user, such a platform would be cost-prohibitive to a boot-strapped start-up or an individual looking to start a business. In an effort to reach those users, we have introduced an innovative software leasing program that lowers the barrier-of-entry with an affordable performance-driven monthly lease payment, the Performance Lease.