About inMotion Group

inMotion Group At a Glance

  • Founded in 1999.
  • A Michigan Corporation
  • Staffed in the USA
  • In-house Engineering and Management
  • Software built for business
  • Developers of the inClick Ad Server, a scalable advertisement management platform for the enterprise.
  • A privately held and funded company.


Founded in 1999, Pet Technologies was born as an Internet based business venture targeting the Pet Industry. The original project, Pet Advantage, was destined to be a community portal for people with pets.

A few months into the first generation of services, the founders determined that a significant change was looming - the dot-com bubble was about to burst. Thanks to the foresight of the impending demise of Web 1.0, the company determined that licensing its technology would be the new course of business.


Today, we are known as inMotion Group, developers of custom software applications designed to service business. From the Small to Medium sized Business (SMB) to Fortune 500 companies, inMotion Group continues to deliver results.

Our flagship product, the inClick Ad Server, services hundreds of advertising networks worldwide delivering billions of contextually targeted advertisements every month.


At inMotion Group, our team is constantly reviewing new ideas, concepts, and approaches to help improve how you do business.

Investor Relations

Contact: Irvine Pascual

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